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Spray painting MDF is not an easy process which takes lots of time and attention. In order to get a perfect finish it is necessary you have to take great care during the all MDF spraying stages from surface preparation to drying and polishing which can be completed only by professional sprayers in purposely equipped workshops.

Surface preparation is the first and the most important part of the MDF spraying process, as even with correctly chosen and prepared paint, it may not adhere properly and some bumps and lumps can occur in the final finish.

MDF Spraying - Spray Painting MDF Process

In today market there are different paint types and textures available in many colours and shades and choosing the right one could be tricky especially if you are not sure what type of paint is needed for a particular surface. This is where we can help you as well. We offer a wide variety of paint that will fit everyone needs giving your spraying project an outstanding professional touch.

Some luxury wood finishes require hand polishing as they have had several coats of lacquer which enhance the colour and create a smooth mirror like surface.

That is what we do and what we are here for.

Please Note : Unfortunately we do not take assembled units for spraying or spray onsite anymore. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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